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funny stuff

I use twitter.com and sometimes I post funny things the girls say, this is one

makeesha – my girls just pretended that pretend nana and papa died and shayel offered to “get new ones that aren’t so old” ROFLOL 07:01 PM July 01, 2008 from Ping.fm

England trip

Besides birthdays, we’ve been planning our trip to England. We’re taking a vacation/ministry trip in Nov. and we’re going to be purchasing the tickets in the next few days. We’re so excited! This will be our first real vacation ever as a family and our first vacation as a couple since we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in 2000.

We plan to land in London, visit a faith community in Telford that we know of through online connections, visit another online connection in Wales then stay at a time share resort for a week (a friend of ours isn’t using his this year and is letting us stay there) then to London for some visiting of other friends then home – of course there will be much “touristy” stuff going on in between.

The girls are super excited. They have their “England umbrellas” all ready and are asking lots of curiosity questions and talking about what they’ll do there.


Aliyah and myself recently celebrated our birthdays. Aliyah turned 3 on June 29 and I turned 30 on July 6. I still can’t believe that my baby is 3 and that I’m no longer “in my 20s” but my baby’s still little and I’m still young so all is well 😉

We honored Aliyah’s request to have her birthday at build-a-bear this year. She had a blast as did all her friends and we lucked out discovering that there was a big free food festival going on with a bunch of free kids activities, so we hung out there all day with some of our closest friends. This is Aliyah dancing after playing in the fountains. yes, the kids all match, we bought them a change of clothes at Gymboree since we had no towels with us.

And here she is pushing her new build a bear puppy in her new stroller. She pushed that stroller around everywhere ALL DAY.

I almost always have the camera but here are 2 totally HOT pictures of me that my “lovely” husband took at a birthday party for Aliyah’s little friend Emily


this is to prove that even though I’m 30, I’m still not taking myself too seriously 😉

Yesterday after school, the girls were playing at the school playground. Shayel was jumping off the swing (I’m not big on “banning” things like that – which gets me the hairy eyeball from other moms but whatever) and one one particularly high jump she landed weird on her foot. It clearly hurt her badly (the screaming gave it away hehe). I did a preliminary once over on  the scene and then plopped her into the bike trailer so we could get home and ice it. I didn’t think it was broken but it was clearly very painful.

After icing it and resting for a few hours it seemed to be much better so we decided not to take her to the ER. Then about 11pm she woke up crying saying that it hurt really bad. Seeing as David had to take the car to get fixed the next morning and we’d be stranded with only a bike, we decided to take her to the ER that night just to be sure it wasn’t broken.

So David took her, they did the xrays and said there were no breaks and that she probably tore a tendon when the foot bones on the arch side spread apart upon landing. It still hurts her when you touch it or if she puts weight on it but she was determined to go to school today anyway. She said it would be nice to have “clutches” LOL.

She’s a little speed demon on one foot hopping – I was impressed.

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so proud of shayel

On Saturday, we went to my parents’ to celebrate Shayel’s birthday (which was officially Sunday). David and I also had an Undercroft gathering to go to so the girls decided to stay with my parents and then go with them to church. We were dubious about Aliyah but she insisted. Sure enough, when they took Shayel to drop her off at Sunday School Aliyah had a melt down – who knows why? She probably didn’t want to leave Shayel but then also didn’t want to be left in Sunday School with her. We were finishing up at Undercroft anyway so we took off to the church. By the time we got on our way my mom said the girls were fine – playing in the church school’s playground. But here’s the amazing thing about Shayel. She really wanted to go to her class but after some thoughtful consideration, she took a deep breath and almost in tears said “I’ve made my decision, I want to stay with my sister”. Bless her heart. My mom said she was trying hard not to cry. And she did so good helping Aliyah calm down and encouraging her not to be sad. One thing she said was “Aliyah, if you color, you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget about mom and dad” LOL. Sweet girl. I’m so proud of that kid.

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